Building Clarity & Confidence as a Digital CEO with Kelly McHugh

Big Dreams Great Teams ®

Apr 24 2022 • 15 mins

Who doesn’t love a little business behind the scenes? As business owners and entrepreneurs, the lessons and insights available from other CEOs’ journeys are priceless. So I’m chatting with my client, Kelly McHugh, CEO of Digital Yoga Academy about the lessons gained from her recent business restructure, hiring process and the all important benefits of gaining clarity and confidence.

If your business has you feeling overwhelmed, stuck in the small details and unsure what the best solution is to move forward, take a listen to Kelly’s insights to find out -

  • The importance of knowing yourselfand your leadership style to lay the best foundation in your business
  • How to recognise the distinction between having helpers #dothethings and making strategic hires and the undeniable impact
  • Kelly’s three key takeaways as she moved from overwhelm to clarity and confidence

So what are you waiting for - don’t stay stuck! Enjoy this BTS look into Kelly’s process of working with me and take the learnings to readily apply to your own biz!


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Instagram: @digitalyogaacademy


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