826: Christian Taylor-Wilkinson of Altona: Monte Muambe JORC Exploration Target Estimate is globally significant in size & grade

The Vox Markets Podcast

08-08-2022 • 9 mins

Christian Taylor-Wilkinson CEO of Altona Rare Earths #ANR discusses the JORC compliant exploration target estimate FOR Monte Muambe which highlights the globally significant size and grade potential of the project.


* Estimated total tonnage of up to 56.6 million tonnes at 1.65% TREO
* Including 11.5 million tonnes at 2.41% TREO, corresponding to a well-defined high-grade zone
* Monte Muambe on track to become a significant, high value project
* Maiden Resource Estimate expected publication date - Q1 2023 and,
* The project's Preliminary Economic Assessment by Q2 2023

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