057: Robb Wolf - Electrolyte Imbalances When Eating Low-Carb, mTOR Activation, Fasting, the Carnivore Diet, and Finding the Right Tool to Re

The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gusti

Apr 1 2019 • 1 hr 11 mins

He was one of the first guys to dive head-first into paleo. He’s even dabbled on carnivore for six weeks. Now he prefers a paleo-keto approach. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this podcast episode features two-time New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Paleo Solutions and Wired to Eat, Robb Wolf. Robb sits down with Dr. Anthony Gustin to chat about everything from mTOR activation, fasting, autophagy, electrolyte imbalances, and more. Robb even dives in deep to uncover the mechanisms at work with fasting and being on a low-carb diet and where he thinks things will evolve in the future. So if you’re someone who loves to geek out, this episode is perfect for you. And if you’re just interested in learning more about how to improve your health and quality of life, you’ll find something interesting in this episode too. Robb -- who has close to 300k social media followers -- also shares his best advice for choosing the right tool to reach your health goals. Check out this jam-packed episode now to learn more!