#6 How to start your Digital Legacy with James Norris

Conversations About Advance Care Planning

07-02-2022 • 31 mins

In this episode I talk to James about what a Digital Legacy is and how to get started. Like many people, I have heard about  Digital Legacy, but have always been a little uncertain how to take the first steps in managing my own Digital Legacy. James gives some excellent advice and I can proudly say I have taken those first steps. James Norris is the founder of the Digital Legacy Association and MyWishes. James researches and develops end of life technologies, apps and websites. He organises the annual Digital Legacy Conference and publishes regular tutorials helping to empower both professionals and the general public.  James runs educational workshops, has consulted various governments and  provides thought leadership in digital death, bereavement, technology and the internet.

If you are a team looking to provide better end of life care, or set up a one off or complete education programme in end of life care head to www.speakformelpa.co.uk where I provide details on how I can help you. You will also find information about my Lasting Power of Attorney consultancy and the talks I offer for organisations.

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