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E38: LK-99 superconductors, a revolution at near room-temperature
Aug 6 2023
E38: LK-99 superconductors, a revolution at near room-temperature
Welcome to the latest WGMI (We're Gonna Make It) Podcast episode! In this riveting episode, we delve deep into the remarkable world of advanced materials, focusing on the astounding potential of room-temperature superconductors. As we discuss a groundbreaking compound, LK-99, we ponder the possibility of a world where electricity can flow without any resistance, even at room temperature. But we're not just exploring the science behind it. We discuss the transformative impact room-temperature superconductors could have across numerous sectors, from energy and power, with lossless transmission, revolutionizing our power grids, to transportation, envisaging frictionless, high-speed maglev trains. We explore healthcare with enhanced medical imaging, information technology with supercomputing, and even exciting possibilities in space exploration. In addition, this episode features expert insights on potential applications in various fields like renewable energy generation, aircraft electrification, and quantum computing. We also envision these advancements' potential societal and environmental benefits, such as increased energy efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and a pathway to a more sustainable future. Join us in this enthralling episode as we navigate the unknown, venture into the exciting realm of room-temperature superconductivity, and explore how this scientific marvel could reshape our world. Tune in for a mind-expanding journey, proving once again that together, We're Gonna Make It!