S2E7 - Remembering Graphic Adventures

We The Players // Video Games, Community, Tech

05-04-2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

Hello everyone and welcome to another We The Players podcast.

In this episode James and I talk about what we've been playing this week, which entails some more Vampire Survivors, Elden Ring and some PGA 2K21. Before discussing some of the big news of the week.

Nvidia released the RTX 3090TI, a behemoth of a card with and even more gargantuan power draw.

Return to Monkey Island was first teased by Ron Gilbert on 1st April so people had initially dismissed it as an April fools joke. This was later proven to be true with the release of an actual teaser trailer.

Finally, PlayStation has announced three tiers of PlayStation Plus to try and compete with the Xbox Game Pass.

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