5 Kernels of Corn

Greater Life Church

23-11-2014 • 44 mins

Thanksgiving is a distinctly American holiday. It does not commemorate a battle, or the birth of a famous statesman. This holiday that we celebrate was begun by a group of struggling pilgrims in the fall of 1623. In the early days of our country there was a mixture of faith, hope, sacrifice and suffering. The pilgrims endured the hardship of a ocean voyage that lasted over 60 days. They encountered a storm that almost sunk the small boat of 120 people and their provisions. They were looking for a place where the could worship and live freely. They landed during a harsh winter that almost did them in. In the first year, almost half of them died. At one point there were only 7 healthy colonists to care for the rest. Their daily existence was life and death. Somehow, they survived that first winter. Because of their limited understanding of this new environment, they had difficulty in growing crops to sustain themselves. It is recorded in William Bradford's writings, that when the Mayflower returned to England, these colonists did not go back. They had come to stay. In November of the following year, another ship arrived with 35 more people who came with no additional provisions. At the lowest point in what was called the starving years. They existed on a meager ration of food. At times they existed on a few kernels of corn each day. In subsequent years at the colony began to thrive they would continue to celebrate Thanksgiving. History tells us that each year when they would sit for their feast, they would begin with an empty plate with 5 kernels of corn. This was to remind them of how God had sustained them in the lean times. This illustrations reminds us that we need to be thankful for the small blessings that God provides us with every day. Some people still complain in spite of God's blessings. The pilgrim's 5 kernels of corn remind us that we are blessed no matter what may come. Each of these 5 kernels of corn need to represent something to each of us for which we are thankful. If we are thankful for what we have, there is always enough to get us through. What are your 5 kernels of corn?