The difference is deeper

Greater Life Church

05-01-2014 • 34 mins

God is always taking his people on a journey. From the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation, God the Bible is full of examples of God trying to move his people to where He wants them to be. As we move along this journey, there will be set backs and difficulties. The thing that keeps a set back from being a failure, is getting backup. In our text, Jesus uses a fishing boat as a stage to teach a group of people on the shore. After His teaching, he tells the fishermen to go further out into the deep. These men had fished all night and had not been successful. They were tired. These men were not novices. They made their living catching fish. After a night of failure, Jesus tells them to go back out into the same water, using the same boat and the same net to try to catch fish. The difference this time is that Jesus told them to go deeper. Shallow living will not yield the results that God is looking for. Shallow worship will not propel us to to the point that God needs us to be. Far too many are comfortable where they are, and with the results they are getting. In order to achieve the revival that we say we want, we must dive deeper into worship. We must go deeper into our relationship with God. The difference is deeper.