22 - Is Kendrick Qool or Conscious? or Lame?

Qool & Conscious Podcast

13-05-2022 • 58 mins

Today, Qri gives us the weekly updates and breakdowns. Hear what she has to say about Young Thug , Gunna, and RICO…. Then we have the album the Conscious community been waiting for dropping this weekend. So Qri explains why Kendrick is so Lame… huh 🤔 Click the links below ⬇️ https://linktr.ee/qool.conscious (linktr.ee/qool.conscious) https://pandora.app.link/yZNBVBXJykb (Listen to Hues vs Hughes ) https://www.instagram.com/questionswithqri/ (Follow the host @questionswithqri) https://www.instagram.com/qoolandconscious/ (Follow the show @qoolconscious) https://www.instagram.com/justeldredgemedia/?hl=en (Follow the movement @justeldredgemedia) https://linktr.ee/justeldredge (justeldredge.media) {{READY?... BORN READY!!}}