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The podcast dedicated to misguiding YOU. Attn! Your favorite weekly rising sign horoscopes are now on their own podcasts! Simply search Miss Guided Astrology - Aries Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Taurus Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Gemini Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Cancer Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Leo Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Virgo Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Libra Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Scorpio, Rising Miss Guided Astrology - Sagittarius Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Capricorn Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Aquarius Rising, Miss Guided Astrology - Pisces Rising. But the content doesn't stop there, on Thursdays join KT (Sag Sun, Aqua Moon, Pisces Rising) and Rob (Aqua Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aries Rising), two friends and students of Astrology, as they seek to answer listener questions by dissecting their birth charts. Interested in having your birth chart read on the Miss Guided Astrology Podcast? Do you have a life question only the sky can help answer? Email them at missguidedastrology@gmail.com read less

WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON!? w/ Kristen Becker
Jan 6 2023
WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON!? w/ Kristen Becker
When everything in life is perfect and you're bored, what's next? Let's help Lynda figure out what the f*** is going on in her future, might just be a kiss-a-girl-vibe... kidding! or are we...========================================================Want a birth chart analysis (KT’s personal hot takes on your personal Birth chart)? or a birth chart report (all about you)?or a solar return report (predictive astrology for year-ahead)?visit:  missguidedastrology.com/shop  TIP ME ON VENMO: @Katie-Fitzgerald23==================================FIND YOUR WEEKLY HOROSCOPE PODCASTMiss Guided Astrology - Aries RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Taurus Rising Miss Guided Astrology - Gemini RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Cancer RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Leo RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Virgo RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Libra RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Scorpio RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Sagittarius RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Capricorn RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Aquarius RisingMiss Guided Astrology - Pisces Rising==================================Review us on -insert your podcast app of choice here-  OR shout us out on socials for a free Birth Chart Report!Find our mother pod: Miss Guided Astrology. Do you have a question only the sky and KT and Kristen can answer? Send us an email.HOW TO CONTACT US:email: MissGuidedAstrology@gmail.comWebsite: missguidedastrology.comIG: Miss Guided AstrologyTiktok: @katiedoesntfitzYoutube: @MissGuidedAstrology