Episode 25: Never Let the Childhood Inside You Go Away

The Anuj Kapoor Talk Show

13-11-2020 • 12 mins

Its children's day today and I 've got some fond memories from this day when I was kid. I remember that we used to celebrate very well while I was in school. I used to get a lot of sweets and gifts and we also went for a school picnic. That was fascinating stuff, indeed.

But, if I look now, when I've grown up, I realize suddenly, the childhood innocence have faded. However, this shouldnt be the case and no matter how old we grow, there is still a child lying inside some corner of our heart. We just need to not let it die or go away or even suppress the child inside us. It is often said that age is just a number and it is true.

Hi, My name is Anuj and I'm your friend and host of this podcast. And. in this episode today, I'm going to tell you the reasons why is it important for us to not let the childhood innocence go away.