Episode 26: Why You Should Learn the art of Saying "No" to become Successful

The Anuj Kapoor Talk Show

17-06-2021 • 13 mins

"Its only by saying "NO" that you can concentrate on tasks that are really important" - Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was a master of saying No and he was few of those people to say NO to a lot of "GOOD" things so that he could focus on the "GREATEST" things.

The inability to say NO is one of the biggest villains or evil to become successful in life. At times, we say YES to a lot of things in order to please others and the result is that we are unable to meet our own goals. Thus, it is very important to say no if you want to be successful and lead a stressful life.

In this episode today, I'll discuss some of the reasons why it is important for you to learn to say "NO" to achieve success and greatness.