Episode 28: How to Hook Your Audience with Captivating Headlines

The Anuj Kapoor Talk Show

15-08-2021 • 10 mins

Headlines...you got it right!

It can make or break your content - a blog or an article.

If your headline is NOT perfect then you cannot WIN over your audience. Just think about how YOU used to – or even still do in some cases – browse through the magazine racks in bookstore or in a library. What was or is the “FIRST” thing that made you to ACT upon.

Ofcourse – it is that catchy headline.

And, the headline even moves the consumers to physically pick the product and purchase it. Moreover, for an online audience, all you need is a “CLICK”. But, how do you write compelling headlines in your industry or in any industry as a matter of fact? What is the secret ingredient that helps you to stand out from the crowd? Most importantly, how do you ensure that it works for your audience?

So, in this episode that is episode number 35, I’m going to tell you some very important tips and tricks that you can use to develop those captivating headlines.