Fat Loss, Overweight, Obesity - How To Lose Weight

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06-09-2022 • 51 mins

Fat Loss, Overweight, Obesity - What You Can Do To Lose Weight

Martin Sharp is a multi-award-winning international consultant, coach, speaker, and author who helps busy and overweight entrepreneurs, consultants, and business owners obtain the fitness
and lifestyle that makes them happier, more confident, and more flexible to continue to be at their best.

Martin from York has been working in the corporate and the entrepreneurial world since 1993 and in his consulting firm since 2009, delivering transformational change to clients across a wide
range of sectors worth billions.

After succumbing to obesity and working his way out of it, Martin obtained recognized health and sports science qualifications, was mentored by the world-leading online physique and lifestyle coach and became a member of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity.

Since then, his changes have further improved his performance in business and life, finding even more confidence, focus, and energy, though what lights Martin up more than anything is the joy he
hears as others enjoy newfound freedom, confidence, and happiness from health and fitness.

Martin's Bio

Website: https://www.martinsharp.com/

TEDx talk “The Power of AND” introduced a life of combination.

https://youtu.be/6h5YdbwQn6Q and how I fit it around a busy
business delivering transformations

https://youtu.be/ccPLz9CRijs Why not find out how I went from
Fat to Fit, Fast & Forever