249: Adrian Chiles on drinking, teenagers, and racing Meatloaf on a mobility scooter

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Feb 14 2023 • 55 mins

Our guest for this episode is TV's Adrian Chiles! We talk about everything from booze and Bette Midler to coping when your kids go off to uni.

Adrian tells us why he decided to cut down on the booze, and Ellie apologises for copying him by doing a podcast about the same thing, titled Sort Your Shit Out and available now wherever you get your podcasts or https://pod.link/1663245629.

We hear how Adrian's regional accent was an advantage when he started working at the BBC. He shares his advice for parents of younger children, and we discuss what to tell your kids before they leave home. Ellie and Adrian bond over their shared farting styles and hatred of skiing, and Helen reveals the terrible thing she did in the M&M's World.

Adrian's excellent book, The Good Drinker, is out now.

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