250: Dr Sarah Berry on food, fasting and gut health

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Feb 28 2023 • 55 mins

Why do we always want to eat rubbish when we're tired? Are low carb diets really a good idea? And is it OK to clap your own crap? Answering all these questions is Dr Sarah Berry!

Sarah is an associate professor at King's College and also the chief scientist at Zoe, which helps people to work out which foods suit them best. Ellie talks about her experience of the program, and how her favourite bit was probably the thing with the poo hammock.

We quiz Sarah on the best way to talk to kids about what they're eating. There's also some chat about gut health, intermittent fasting, and how the way we process food can change as we enter the menopause.

Basically it's loads of really interesting, science-based stuff about health and nutrition from a woman who likes a pain au chocolat and a glass of red wine. Result.

Dr Sarah is on instagram @@drsarahberry. Do check out the Zoe podcast, it's great.

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