EP 31: Voting Mishap/Special Needs/Gender & Sexuality Confusion/Kinsey & Andrew Tate... What gives?

Just Be® ~ Spiritual BOOM

Sep 7 2022 • 45 mins

I use my neurodiverse, special needs daughter as an example of more voting mishaps as well as the direct result of a university, in my opinion, sharing too much with her regarding sex and their moral ideas... and not only her, but a group of heavily influenced, tender hearts. Even though her age says she is ready for more, her soul is not because she still working on making up her own mind as well as discerning concepts. I harken that to jury duty with her as well.

This then expands to the overtly sexual and gender topics that are being shared with young, malable children (also heavily influenced as their brains are developing - and I talk about the brain) even without parents' knowledge or inclusion. THEN, this leads to a discussion on the Kinsey Reports and well as the exclusion and censorship of Andrew Tate (ironically, in a world that screams for inclusion). Mixed messages all around. Confusion all around. To go through this ascension, the highest good is to be and feel whole. Again, there are powers that be who do not want this to happen so let's continue this fear, helplessness and with gender drugs that further fuel big pharma with millions and that also need to be used for a lifetime. Oooo, now, that's a great way to make consistent money.

The Just Be Practice goes out to the younger set for discernment and support. As I state too and I will put it here ~ love is love.

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