7 MUST AVOID ROOKIES In Your Dynasty Rookie Drafts - 2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy

The FF Dynasty

Apr 30 2024 • 29 mins

We're back with Must Sell/Avoid Rookies from the 2024 NFL Draft Class.  Which of these players should you be avoiding in your Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Drafts (or at least avoiding at their current value).  Be sure to check the timestamps and LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW on who you are avoiding this rookie draft season.  SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON for your boys!  Cop the FF Dynasty T-Shirt here: https://revelrybrewingco.com/product/ff-dynasty-podcast-tee/ Come join the Pleasure Chest and get access to https://patreon.com/theffdynasty -Extra Shows -ADP -Discord Timestamps for your Dynasty Fantasy Football Pleasure 0:00 - Intro 2:00 - Adonai Mitchell 6:58 - Troy Franklin 12:10 - Blake Corum 15:00 - Marshawn Lloyd 18:23 - Jaylen Wright 24:00 - Jalen McMillan 26:00 - Javon Baker Be sure Check out all our Dynasty Fantasy Football Mock Drafts here (Startup, Rookie, Super flex/2QB): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDPdaZwPDvw&list=PLNgxM35PCsZWXELJ5B5qWAvYV3v_5oELN  We cover everything Fantasy Football here at The FF Dynasty, from Dynasty Fantasy Football Startups to 2023 Redraft Fantasy Football we're covering all the strategy and advice to make you better fantasy footballers and fantasypros! Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all your Dynasty Fantasy Football Pleasure  @theFFdynasty | @IamCMyers | @DynastyBigCo | @JayWaynesWorld | @FattMoreman | @AustinAbbottFF | @FFDBigD #DynastyFantasyFootball #DynastyTrades #DynastyFootball #2024DynastyFantasyFootball #DynastyFantasyFootball2024 #2024Dynasty #TheFFDynasty #DynastyTrades #DynastyFantasyFootballStrategy #DynastyFootball2024 #2024NFLDraft #DynastyRookies #DynastyMustSells #RookieMockDraft #DynastyRookieDraft dynasty fantasy football,dynasty football,The FF Dynasty,The FF Dynasty Podcast,2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football,fantasy football dynasty,ff dynasty,dynasty ff,dynasty fantasy football 2024,2024 dynasty football,dynasty football 2024,Dynasty Football Trades,2024 dynasty,Dynasty Sells,2024 NFL Draft Class,Dynasty Rookie Draft,Superflex Rookie Draft,Dynasty Rookie Mock,2024 Dynasty Trades,Dynasty Must Sells,Dynasty Fantasy Football Trades,Rookie Trades,NFL Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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