What 2023 Rookie Picks are ACTUALLY Worth -Dynasty Fantasy Football Strategy -NFL Rookie Draft Class

The FF Dynasty | Dynasty Fantasy Football

Mar 28 2023 • 45 mins

We're back with the Dynasty Zoltan (Matt) to discuss how much your 2023 Rookie Draft Picks are worth ahead of the NFL Draft. We put a slew of different NFL Players up against the 2023 Rookie Draft Class to determine their dynasty values

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Timestamps for your Dynasty Fantasy Football Pleasure
(0:56) - Kenneth Walker III vs the 2023 Rookie draft picks
(6:20) - D'Andre Swift dynasty value vs the 2023 Rookie Class
(11:21) - Russell Wilson Rookie Pick value
(16:02) - Tua Tagovailoa vs the 1.04 in 2023 Dynasty Rookie Drafts
(18:30) - Drake London rookie pick value
(21:15) - Jaylen Waddle, Amon-Ra St. Brown, & Devonta Smith vs the 2023 Rookie Class
(24:10) - Michael Pittman
(27:30) - Jerry Jeudy
(31:40) - George Pickens debate

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