Learn Light and Sound

Curtis Judd

On the Learn Light and Sound podcast, we help you learn how to improve your sound and lighting for video and film. We focus mainly on production sound recording for film and video, but also cover lighting and cameras. We’ll cover topics to help you improve your sound and video projects.

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Q&A Session 25 March 2019
Jan 17 2020
Q&A Session 25 March 2019
In this episode, we answer your questions on sound for video.00:20 Recording Cars03:57 Zoom H4n & Samson CO2?06:22 How to sweeten dialogue sound11:10 Which boom microphone for indoors?13:00 Apps to automix dialogue in post?15:00 MixPre as audio interface - does quality degrade when recording to screen recording app?16:54 How much PC do I need to run Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve?18:32 How to capture a noise sample? (Need more info)18:57 Zoom H6 - remote reduces handling noise?19:36 How to aim a super cardioid boom microphone20:50 Replacing lavalier microphone for RODELink22:28 RODECaster Pro multitrack recording to SD card?24:12 Batch processing audio in RX and Audition?25:14 Which sound effects should I record when I'm the mixer for a video?28:05 Why is my compressor letting peaks through?29:24 Boom and lavs to director's audio feed? AES42 digital audio with A10 and SD 633?32:08 Panasonic 991 and timecode and post sync?35:01 Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and MixPre - line level feed36:28 Which specs can help you choose a recorder or microphone if you can't try it hands on?41:11 Which boom mic and recorder do you recommend for interviews for $1200 or less?43:18 RODE NTG3 or Deity S-Mic 2 sounds closer to the 416?44:27 What is the difference between the Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-3M and can I use the "M" version for film and video?47:55 How do I gain stage a Sennheiser G3 wireless system and Zoom F8n?49:42 What is a timecode workflow for shooting music videos?See this workflow information:https://www.bamfsound.com/how-to-music-video-playback-with-ltc-timecode/Gear discussed/used in this session:RODECaster Pro - used to record this sessionSound Devices MixPre SeriesZoom F8n - Very good value for money on a pro/prosumer audio recorderSennheiser G3/G4 Wireless Microphone system - note that you need the correct version with frequencies you can use in your region. Contact a reseller in your country for details.Deity S-Mic 2 shotgun microphoneRODE NTG3 shotgun microphone - I prefer the sound of this on most voices.Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun microphone - the classic shotgun microphone that seemingly everyone is trying to mimic at enthusiast pricesBlackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K - I find that I use this more often than any of my other cameras these days.Tentacle Sync timecode generatorsIzotope RX7 - my favorite app for cleaning and optimizing audio clipsSamson C02 - budget boom microphone - comes in a set of 2. Good budget option for interviews.Zoom H5 - budget recorder with 2 XLR inputsTascam DR-60DmkII - budget recorder with 2 XLR inputsZoom H6 - budget recorder with 4 XLR microphone inputsCopyright 2019 by Curtis JuddOutro music from Artlist by Kick Lee.