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POD DISCOVERY: While She's Away
Mar 5 2023
POD DISCOVERY: While She's Away
Today we are featuring an episode on While She's Away. Check out the PODTHERAPY episode before this one to hear how host Dianni Hall "fakes it till she makes it" on social media and lands brand deals with beginner numbers. This episode is being featured so you can hear how she brings VALUE to her listeners. Welcome to another episode of the While She's Away Podcast babe!  I've been having some trouble staying consistent with posting episodes as you can see from my sporadic releasing of episodes, but in exactly one week I will be back in New Jersey and will be able to fully focus on getting episodes out to you on time!  I also want to mention that the first-ever episode of While She's Away Podcast was released on December 30th, 2021 which means this month the podcast will be officially one year old! It's really exciting to see how the podcast has grown and progressed in that one year! I would love to celebrate the first anniversary by doing a question-answering episode!So I would love for you to send me any questions you possibly have about me, my love life, my favorite color, travel, solo travel, and my craziest travel story, nothing is off limits! If you want to hear your question answered by me on the podcast then you can send your questions to me by December 27th via While She's Away Instagram or to my email whileshesawaypodcast@gmail.comLooking forward to hearing from you!  This week's guest is the lovely Michelle Checchi! Michelle used to work in New York at a TV station. Even though she enjoyed her career, she always had travel on her mind. She spent a year saving money and doing anything she could to add to her travel fund from getting a second job to moving apartments! Now several years later Michelle lives in Tel Aviv as a full-time self-employed freelance writer and video producer.  In this episode, we talk about...Michelle finding herself in India, low on money, and deciding to kickstart her freelance career She walks us through the beginning of her freelance journey Advice on how to start as a freelancer What to do if you follow all the steps and still don't have clients The unsexy side of freelance (taxes, business accounts, etc.)Not allowing what others think to stop you Handling imposter syndrome Overcoming fear around financesJoin Michelle & me on Socials: Michelle WebsiteMichelle InstagramMichelle TikTokWhile She's Away InstagramWhile She's Away TikTokResources to Help You Travel for Cheap!Get 25% OFF Your TrustedHouseSitters Membership!$10 OFF Your Worldpackers Membership to Stay Around the World For FreeGet up to 40% OFF on Hostels All Over Europe!