Ep 2 - Business English vocabulary for presentations

Breakout Business English - Improve your vocabulary and confidence using English at work.

Mar 13 2022 • 19 mins

So when I was deciding which topic to focus on for our second episode I really only needed to look at what the people I work with are actually asking for. One of the most common topics that I discuss with people is presentations. Presentations can be great opportunities to use those English skills that you work so hard on, but they also have their own stresses and challenges. Today we’re going to look at some vocabulary that you might hear when watching a presentation and some that you might want to use when giving your own. At the end we also have our 'big discussion question' to help you with your speaking practice. You can find the vocabulary from this podcast in the vocabulary sets on my profile. I hope you enjoy today's podcast and I look forward to meeting you on a call very soon!

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