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Hosted by Mehdi Jorfi and Layla Siraj, Science Rehashed aims to offer a window into recent life science breakthroughs and their impacts to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

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A telescope to look into life, before life
A telescope to look into life, before lifeOn the traces of our African pastAlzheimer’s Disease from the Inside OutThe buddy system behind pubertyA vaccine to stop the most invisible of all virusesThe Gambling Rules of Cell BehaviorA Fireside Chat with Ali KhademhosseiniA Fireside Chat with Anesthesiologist Emery BrownBullying in AcademiaThe shrinking scanner: MRI becomes portableA machine learning-enabled shortcut to engineer human liver organoidsCracking the code: the neural basis of computer code comprehensionA peek inside the liver: Reimagining diagnosticsA Fireside Chat with Paula HammondGiving birth from a lab-grown uterus: science fiction?Can’t stop snacking? Time to find out why!A Fireside Chat with Vicki SatoThat Vital Brain Fluid We Don’t Know Enough AboutStress-induced Gray HairsFrom Skin to Brain: A Parkinson’s Disease Patient Transplanted with His Own Cells