44: What The Flip Is An Optin And How To Create Yours

Get Merry

Jun 6 2016 • 31 mins

Today on the #MerryBiz podcast we're like SUPER dooper excited to talk about optins.  When we first started our business/blog we had no idea that we 'should be' collecting email addresses. You know we're not big on 'should be's' but collecting email addresses is definitely a YES when it comes to running any business. Yep, we don't think email newsletters are JUST for online business. If you have a brick and mortar business, sell products, services whatever it is you do (or plan to do)... collecting email addresses is a GOOD idea. From the get go. Like if you just started a blog... collect. Collect. Collect! Once you have email addresses you can send AMAZING email newsletters to these people. This allows your audience to get to know you better, you can build trust and you can provide your audience with SO much value that you'll blow them away and they'll love you forever and ever. #truestory Writing emails to your audience feels that little more special because they've said YES to you! They WANT to hear from you. Whenever we write our emails we keep this in mind, try to provide value our audience can't find anywhere else and pretty much just treat them like our best friends. We seriously love them.  In episode 44 you'll learn: What is an optin? Our journey from no optin, to first optin, to second optin to NOW. The importance of collecting emails. What to do next when you've collected an email. How to start thinking about what your optin will be. Extra links we talk about: The main link you should check out is our BRAND NEW optin.  CLICK HERE TO GET OUR NEW OPTIN If you sign up, you'll be able to go through the exact journey of a Merrymaker. Take note of what we do and come up with some of your own ideas! Of course, we'd LOVE to hear about them and help you brainstorm! Snapchat us! We are themmsisters and LOVE hearing from you! As always, questions, queries... let us know! Be sure to listen to the podcast episode and take it all in, get inspired and take some action yah! Always merrymaking, Emma + Carla

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