Lightbulb Moments

Hungry Dog Barbell Podcast

16-07-2021 • 1 hr 19 mins

This week I’m joined by Co owner of Crossfit Westchester Steve Wakefoose! I was lucky enough to spend most of the morning with Steve as he taught three different classes two open classes filled with all ages and one masters class featuring 60+ athletes.

Steve and I get into his full story from growing up in Chester county a young kid with ADHD , before that was a thing and his early experiences with what it meant to be healthy. Growing up a generally undersized preteen he was diagnosed with a thyroid condition affecting his metabolism and ability to both focus in class and out on size in the weight room.

Taking care of that through medicine and changing his diet Steve forayed into the world of being a corrections officer and a practicing tae kwon do. Falling in love with the discipline and organized fitness he set his attention on opening a gym …

Steve : https://instagram.com/coachfoose?utm_medium=copy_link

CFWC: https://instagram.com/cfwcpa?utm_medium=copy_link

HDB: https://instagram.com/hungrydogbarbell?utm_medium=copy_link