Jay Girotto's unique path from tech startups to Microsoft to a billion-dollar family farm investment fund

From the Corner Office

Mar 28 2024 • 29 mins

This week we are speaking with Jay Girotto, President of Farmland Opportunity. Jay founded Farmland Opportunity in 2009 after a career in tech on the West Coast of the country, including stints at Microsoft, Bain Capital, and multiple startups. Jay holds BA and MBA degrees from Harvard University. Farmland Opportunity manages a billion-dollar portfolio of row crop farms in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest, with an eye toward creating efficiencies and leasing land back to local family farmers

Together, we talk about how Jay was influenced to begin Farmland Opportunity. We also talk about his greatest role model and member of underappreciated Collins Commercial Avionics, his father, Jay’s involvement in TIGER 21, and his recent relocation to Sarasota.

3 Takeaways:

  1. (11:00) Know your fit
  2. (13:25) Understand the importance of long term relationships
  3. (16:10) There is a skill around preserving optionality


(00:00) Introducing Jay Girotto and Farmland Opportunity

(03:30) Farmland Opportunity mission

(07:25) Jay’s career in tech

(10:00) Lessons from working at Microsoft

(12:50) Jay’s leadership style

(15:42) Advice you would give to a startup

(18:00) Jay’s biggest mentor, his father, and innovation

(21:30) Finding Sarasota

(23:30) Jay’s involvement in TIGER 21

(26:20) Rapid fire questions

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