You don't get ahead alone and more leadership insights from nonprofit executive Susie Bowie

From the Corner Office

Apr 11 2024 • 25 mins

This week, we speak with Susie Bowie, CEO, The William G. and Marie Selby Foundation. Susie was named CEO of the foundation in March 2023. She was executive director of the Manatee Community Foundation before this new role, and has been involved with nonprofits in the area for some two decades.

Together, we discuss Susie’s passion for leadership and facilitating environments in organizations that make people feel heard and valued. We also talk about what the Selby Foundation is up to next and how she’s addressing the challenges in her new job.

3 Takeaways:

  1. (05:55) Always be thinking about what you could do better
  2. (06:45) Empathy is a learned trait
  3. (09:35) Meet with anyone. None of us get where we are without other people.


(00:00) Introducing Susie Bowie, CEO of the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation

(02:30) Tell us about your previous roles in the nonprofit sector

(04:25) Growing up, did you always want to be involved in the nonprofit sector?

(05:30) Being an empathetic leader & learning from Mr. Rogers

(09:00) What is a piece of leadership advice that stands out to you?

(11:50) Is there a failure you learned from in your career?

(15:10) Goal setting

(17:50) Mentorship & executive coaching

(20:27) What is coming in 2024 for the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation?

(22:05) Rapid fire question

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