Liberate yourself from the clutches of hustle with entrepreneur and keynote speaker Taylor Villegas

From the Corner Office

May 16 2024 • 34 mins

This week, we speak with Taylor Villegas, founder of Twelve Tables and Sunny Collabs, angel investor, podcaster, keynote speaker, and influencer. Taylor’s companies work with growth-stage startups and established brands on anything from strategic advice to one-off projects to longer marketing campaigns and more. Prior to these companies Taylor worked for a variety of other entities, including one of the largest contractors in the region and a real estate brokerage.

Together, we talk about Taylor’s unusual career path and how, and why, she changed directions. We also discuss Taylor’s “un-hustling” philosophy, how to build a business and career with the right balance between professional achievement and a fulfilling life and her advice for budding entrepreneurs.

3 Takeaways:

  1. (17:00) Don’t allow hustle to ruin harmony in your life
  2. (23:45) Feedback is the strongest form of care
  3. (27:30) You have to continually validate others


(00:00) Introducing Taylor Villeagas and Twelve Tables

(02:40) The creation of Twelve Tables

(04:15) Transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship

(06:30) Getting started with breathwork

(13:00) The creation and meaning behind Unhustled

(18:30) Unhustled book, inspiration, and intentionality

(21:20) How to collaborate more effectively

(23:30) Giving good feedback

(28:15) Where do you get your inspiration?

(31:30) What can we expect from Twelve Tables in 2024?

(33:00) Rapid fire questions

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