Melding a career of for-profit and nonprofit leadership with All Faiths Food Bank CEO Nelle Miller

From the Corner Office

Mar 21 2024 • 24 mins

This week we are speaking with Nelle Miller, President and CEO of All Faiths Food Bank. Nelle has had two careers: one in business with technology and a focus on mergers and acquisitions. And another in nonprofits and philanthropy, in chairing boards and overseeing several nonprofits in Sarasota. She was named CEO of the food bank earlier this year.

Together, we talk about how she navigated challenges across her career, in addition to her personal why that motivates her to work with so many different nonprofits. We also talk about how and why she believes it’s crucial to prioritize employees’ wellbeing to build a great organizational culture.

3 Takeaways:

  1. (12:14) No one job on a staff matters more than any other
  2. (12:25) If you are going to be a leader, you have to be willing to do every other job on the staff
  3. (18:30) You never know what someone hears and what they don’t hear


(00:00) Introducing Nelle Miller and All Faiths Food Bank

(03:05) What does “ending hunger” mean?

(04:15) What drew you to this role at All Faiths Food Bank?

(06:00) How Nelle got into Interim-CEO-for-hire roles

(09:00) What lessons about culture did you learn from the other organizations?

(11:40) Nelle’s for-profit career in startups

(14:30) Who are mentors that have stood out throughout your career?

(16:50) What do you look for in a good leader?

(19:05) Checking ego at the door

(20:40) Anything coming up in 2024?

(21:55) Rapid fire questions

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