Creating a high-performance, high-bar IT services company with Atlas Professional Services CEO Greg Zolkos

From the Corner Office

Mar 14 2024 • 28 mins

This week we are speaking with Greg Zolkos, President and CEO of Atlas Professional Services. Greg founded Atlas in 2006, after heading up Information Technology for a large concrete company in Tampa. Atlas now provides IT and related technology services for companies across Tampa Bay and in Florida.

Together, we talk about how and why building a great company culture and place to work has long been a priority — to the point where the Atlas office is so cool two Atlas employees got married there. We also talk about lessons in leadership and management, and the metrics Greg and Atlas use to both reward employees, and, when necessary, hold them accountable.

3 Takeaways:

  1. (15:30) Have visible KPIs for your employees
  2. (19:30) You have to be sure not to outgrow your service capabilities
  3. (23:20) You cannot have a short term outlook on relationships


(00:00) Introducing Greg Zolkos and Atlas Professional Services

(03:15) How does Atlas differentiate itself?

(06:25) How did you get into this work?

(09:08) Why is a strong company culture important?

(15:10) How do you hold people accountable?

(19:20) How to not outgrow your service capabilities?

(25:25) Rapid fire questions