Behind the scenes of an ad agency with ChappellRoberts CEO Christine Turner

From the Corner Office

Feb 22 2024 • 23 mins

This week we are joined by Christine Turner, CEO of ChappellRoberts, one of the leading ad agencies in Tampa. Christine was named president in 2021 and CEO and partner in 2023. She’s also been involved in multiple local civic and philanthropic groups, including Leadership Tampa and the Tampa Downtown Partnership.

Together, we speak about why Christine took a job with ChappellRoberts right out of college and never left. We also talk about Christine’s mentors, the biggest business lessons of her career and what makes a great ad campaign and commercial.

3 Takeaways:

  1. (08:29) When you are for the business and not for yourself, it becomes easier to be seen as a leader
  2. (10:00) The pain points that I had don't have to be someone else’s
  3. (11:40) People that are happy will produce creative, great work


(00:00) Introducing Christine Turner, CEO of ChappellRoberts

(02:40) What is ChappellRoberts niche?

(03:45) What is a project that really defined ChappellRoberts?

(07:45) How did you pursue the CEO role?

(09:50) What do you do to create a great culture?

(13:00) What mistakes did you learn from?

(15:50) Who are some mentors and what did you learn from them?

(18:10) What do you love about this industry?

(20:10) How do you consume marketing and advertising?

(21:10) Any projects you are excited about in 2024?

(22:30) Rapid fire questions

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