Insights into retail leadership with former Macy's and Neiman Marcus CEO Terry Lundgren

From the Corner Office

Feb 8 2024 • 36 mins

This week, we are speaking with Terry Lundgren, former CEO and Chairman of Macy’s. Together, we speak about Terry’s turning point in college, his rise to becoming CEO at Macy’s and his philanthropic contributions in his communities.

Terry shares several stories from his remarkable career including utilizing retail legend Stanley Marcus’ reputation and expertise and working with music legend Taylor Swift.

3 Takeaways:

  1. (18:55) All you need is an opportunity
  2. (19:28) Surround yourself with talented, capable, and hard working people
  3. (25:45) Ask, be confident, and follow through


(00:00) Introducing Terry Lundgren and how he got started in retail

(06:40) What steps did you take to move up in your career?

(10:20) Becoming the CEO of Neiman Marcus

(15:20) Meeting Stanley Marcus

(18:10) Who are some mentors who impacted you?

(20:10) Stanley Marcus giving credibility

(22:45) Checking ego at the door

(24:30) What do you look for in leaders?

(28:45) Why is philanthropy important to you?

(31:20) Rapid fire questions

(33:40) Listening to and meeting Taylor Swift

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