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Take a Pause with Varun Duggirala

May 18 2023 • 6 mins

Varun  Duggirala has hosted over 600 episodes across multiple podcasts and he is now ready to take you behind the scenes of his podcasting process! Ever wondered how Varun gets into the right mindset before hitting record or how he drives effortless conversations? Watch on to find all your answers! Find out his process, gain valuable insights into the world of podcasting and the importance of mindset in creating impactful content - all in this latest episode of Take aPause. You can Order Varun’s book “Everything is out of syllabus: An instruction manual for life & work “ at ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠

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About the show

“Take a Pause with Varun Duggirala” is a twice a week podcast to learn, share and unlock insights to survive and thrive in life as an adult, leader, parent and human being.

It’s built on the belief that… “I know being an adult is a struggle, but we’re all on different sides of the same boat, and if we share what we’re experiencing and learn from each other, then Adulting can be as nostalgic and fun as childhood often seems”.

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