Mental strength, failures & entrepreneurship with Vedant Lamba (founder of Mainstreet marketplace )

Take a Pause with Varun Duggirala

6d ago • 47 mins

Get inspired and learn from the success story of young entrepreneur Vedant Lamba. He has built a successful business in the competitive world of sneaker reselling. What started as a hobby turned into a million-dollar empire after much struggle and strategising. Whether you're a young entrepreneur looking to break into the industry or just curious about how someone so young could make it big, don’t miss this episode! Varun and Vedant share their unique journeys as entrepreneurs in different market environments. They discuss the importance of providing value to the customers and how it’s okay for milestones to be different for every entrepreneur.

Vedant Lamba is a dynamic entrepreneur who has found his foothold in the footwear market with his enterprise, The Mainstreet Marketplace, one of the biggest sneaker reselling platforms in India. As sneaker culture continues to deepen its roots, Vedant began his journey in 2017 through his YouTube channel named "Mainstreet TV," where he would talk to his audience about new sneaker launches, their availability, and more. Today, The Mainstreet Marketplace has developed into a significant player in the sneaker reselling market with multiple outlets in the country.

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About the show

“Take apause with Varun Duggirala” ( previously “The      Varun Duggi show”) is a twice a week podcast that’s meant     to enable its listeners to take a pause amidst the chaos of their   daily   lives to learn tools, embrace ideas and soak in concepts that   will   help them find motivation, build the right mindset and perform  at    their best. Varun also occasionally taps into the minds of     truly interesting people to give listeners a learn from and    use in their  work, life and everything in-between.

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