Building community & amplifying voices with Supriya Paul ( CEO Josh Talks)

Take a Pause with Varun Duggirala

19-12-2022 • 42 mins

Whether due to language barriers or lack of access, the true potential of India's youth beyond Tier 1 cities remains largely untapped. Enabling them with opportunities and skills required to take on the cutthroat challenges of the job world or realise their entrepreneurial dreams, is what Josh Talks does best. In conversation with Supriya Paul, Varun asks her about her vision for the future, the journey of Josh Talks, and the challenges of running multiple verticals. Don’t miss this enriching conversation!  Supriya Paul is the co-founder of Josh Talks, India’s largest regional platform that offers inspiration, soft skills, and growth opportunities to youths living in India’s developing and underdeveloped cities. To date, the channel has 2000+ stories in over 10 vernacular languages that can be easily accessed and relate to the Indian youth. She has also written a book, All You Need Is Josh which is a collection of inspirational stories.  Timestamps (00:00 - 00:49) - Introduction (00:50 - 02:27) - How did Josh Talks REALLY start? (02:28 - 06:30) - Understanding the FRUSTRATIONS that caused Josh Talks (06:31 - 08:07) - CHANGES that are seen among Indian mindset (08:08 - 10:27) - EARLY years of Josh Talks (10:28 - 12:10) - What SUPRISED Supriya in the early years (12:11 - 14:08) - Importance of COMMUNITY (14:09 - 16:15) - Being the "Bade Bhaiya" (16:16 - 20:34) - How English affects the CONFIDENCE (20:35 - 22:55) - What's Supriya's BIGGEST fear? (22:56 - 24:04) - Changes are seen in people's THINKING since 2020 (24:05 - 26:59) - Turning ASPIRATION into ACTION (27:00 - 32:01) - Perspective on HUSTLE & BALANCE (32:02 - 35:15) - CHALLENGES faced by Josh Talks (35:16 - 37:32) - Dealing with SELF DOUBT (37:33 - 38:22) - The NEED to understand emotions (38:23 - 39:24) - The BEST piece of advice (39:25 - 40:30) - EVOLUTION as co-founders (40:31 - 41:10) - What does Supriya do to TAKE A PAUSE? You can Order Varun’s book “Everything is out of syllabus: An instruction manual for life & work “ at   Follow Varun across social media platforms @VarunDuggi   And for a weekly download of mind musings and recommendations subscribe to his newsletter “Unschooled with Varun Duggirlala” at About the show “Take apause with Varun Duggirala” ( previously “The     Varun Duggi show”) is a twice a week podcast that’s meant    to enable its listeners to take a pause amidst the chaos of their  daily   lives to learn tools, embrace ideas and soak in concepts on  finding  balance and clarity, overcoming fear and procrastination,  managing  overthinking and self-judgement, unlocking confidence, and  building  deeper relationships. Varun also occasionally taps into the  minds of   truly interesting people to give listeners a learn from and   use in their  work, life and everything in-between. --- Send in a voice message: