Ep 139 // James Williams III

Wear Many Hats

Dec 13 2022 • 58 mins

James Williams III is a Virginia bred/Atlanta based interdisciplinary artist.

An insight to Williams journey. He has an expansive background ranging from AutoCAD drafting, Graphic Communications, Activation Design all the way to Mental Health. He has been particularly engaged in his art practice since 2016.

James strives to investigate topics neighboring space, way-finding, emotional health and their relation to identity in order to produce multidimensional works that serve as communal sites of awareness and celebration.

James body of work spans from drawing and painting to sculpture, furniture, and installation.

I have seen James’s work before whether it’s with showcasing the “Open Studio” Furniture Exhibition over at friends and guests of the show Lichen NYC.

“Home Around You” over at IRL Gallery curated by David Eardley

And with speaking in conversation about his work with friends and guests of the show Pink Essay and Matt Pecina.

Since his adaptation of abstraction, Williams’ work has been featured in various publications including Modern Luxury (US), Architectural Digest (US), and POPEYE Magazine (JP).

James says he’s currently coming off of a momentous year for his studio furniture/design practice and revving up for a transformative year within his art practice and in search of opportunities to amplify his voice and journey with platforms that he aligns with.

Never made the basketball team. Welcome home James.

Please welcome James Williams III to Wear Many Hats.