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308 ScLoHo Podcast 64 Years Ago
Dec 11 2023
308 ScLoHo Podcast 64 Years Ago
It's birthday week and I have a gift of resources for you.  Here's the links I mention at the end: Sales Leadership: Mike Weinberg.  I've read three of his books and was a regular listener to his podcast when I was a sales manager.  I was part of his launch team for his latest book, First Time Manager: Sales.  Check him out here:   Marketing guru Seth Godin.  A thought leader and I see he also has a podcast that I'm going to subscribe to:    Roy H. Williams, aka The Wizard of Ads, besides his books on marketing, he publishes a weekly newsletter called the Monday Morning Memo that includes a rabbit hole that often is fun and intriguing. is the link to his books and here's the link to his MMM: Art Sobczak has sales books that I've bought along with a podcast and blog at: There are three others that I'm going to recommend that had an impact on me 20, even 30 years ago: Harvey MacKay   Harvey's first two books on sales were so influential that my first year as sales manager I gave my team their own copy of them for their own use. Trout & Ries.  Al Ries and Jack Trout launched a series of books on Branding and Marketing in the 1970's that I discovered when I started in the ad world in 1986.  Al passed away just last year and his partner and daughter continues his work. The last recommendation is a book that I re-read every few years as a reminder of how to approach sales. Frank Bettger penned the book How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in the 1940's and here's an Amazon link: See for privacy information.