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Why all Skills are Relevant for a Successful Career in Finance with Alexandra McGuigan
Jul 12 2021
Why all Skills are Relevant for a Successful Career in Finance with Alexandra McGuigan
Alexandra McGuigan is the Global Development Director for 100 Women in Finance, formerly known as 100 Women in Hedge Funds, a global industry association for professionals who work in the alternative investment and broader finance industry. You can hear Alexandra speak about the commendable and very ambitious mission of the organization, and also about her own work with fund managers in the industry to help advance those goals. A sales and marketing strategist with a specialisation in alternative investments, Alexandra has successfully helped international fund managers navigate and develop a presence in the APAC region, raising over $2.5 billion AUM from institutional investors. Based in Singapore, but a native Australian, Alexandra priorly held senior roles at Tribeca Investment Partners, SHED Enterprises, and Investec, where she was responsible for developing and implementing sales and marketing strategy for products and new business opportunities. Alexandra started her career in Asset Management at BNY Mellon Asset Management. She is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst and a CAIA Singapore Chapter Executive. I very much enjoyed speaking with Alexandra about 100 Women in Finance, the institutional investing landscape in Australia. Alexandra shared valuable insights on how to draw on all skills you have, such as communication and acting, to build a successful career in finance, and why learning what you do not want to do is just as important if not more than learning what you do want to do.Visit the Women in Finance Podcast website for the show notes and to sign up for our newsletter.