Stuart Edge: How an internship at OraBrush put Stuart on a path to thrive in a digital world

Raising Unicorns: A Harmon Brothers Podcast

23-07-2020 • 30 mins

Ever wonder how a porta potty cleaner could become a YouTube star? For this episode, Daniel Harmon sits down with YouTube star, Stuart Edge. Stuart tells us how an internship with OraBrush and a meeting with Devin Graham helped Stuart garner over 500M views of his videos online. He also shares with us the lessons he has learned on his way to the top.

2:45 From Porta Potties to Harmon Brothers
12:40 The podcast episode that changed Stuart’s life
16:50 How a Youtuber get together changed his life
19:45 Why Stuart is returning to his YouTube channel
21:50 How Stuart finds creative ideas

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