Ep. 28: Do Add That Value

The Saucy Marriage

Feb 9 2021 • 22 mins

Today's episode is a Marriage Mindset Remix Moment!

I often hear from people who feel as if they've lost themselves in their marriage OR that they fear being lost in their relationship.

They know there is so much they want to do and be a part of in this world before they leave it and wonder if that's possible for them.

I feel you!

But your marriage can be a part of that value, a significant part. Perhaps, just not in the way you think.

How do we stay grounded to self in the midst of a marriage seeking to thrive in a pandemic?

How do we create the life of value we want without losing the connection in our marriage?

The simple answer to that one: use the connection to help create the value.

Eavesdrop on today's sauce to see what I mean.


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