467 – REBROADCAST - How to Earn More Money Without a Second Job

Debt Free in 30

Aug 12 2023 • 32 mins

Today we rebroadcast episode #448.

Most money experts will tell you that the best way to avoid money problems is to cut costs. And they’re right. But what about also increasing your income? After all, you can only cut so much. We have seen a lot of people struggle with rising living costs, with a limited income, and needing debt to make ends meet. On today’s podcast, Doug Hoyes and Ted Michalos discuss strategies for earning a higher pay without needing to do a side hustle or second job. They also explain when it’s best to go back to school to increase your earning potential. Finally, they review the dos and don’ts of increasing income if you have a lot of debt. Tune for great tips!


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