458 – Why You May Need More Than One Bank Account

Debt Free in 30

Jun 10 2023 • 29 mins

While bank failures are not a common occurrence in Canada, it may still be in your best interest to have more than one bank account. On today’s podcast, Joel Sandwith, our LIT in London, joins Doug Hoyes to discuss banking best practices, including how many accounts you should have, where to store your savings, and why it’s important to understand the right of offset if you owe your bank. They also explain how deposit insurance works and high-interest savings accounts. Tune in for an informative discussion and practical advice!


Why You Should Bank at More Than One Bank: https://www.hoyes.com/blog/why-you-should-bank-at-more-than-one-bank/

Frozen Bank Account. Your Rights and What To Do Next: https://www.hoyes.com/blog/frozen-bank-account-your-rights-and-what-to-do-next/

What is the Right of Offset and What Can You Do About It: https://www.hoyes.com/blog/what-is-the-right-of-offset-and-what-can-you-do-about-it/

Joel Sandwith, LIT in London: https://www.hoyes.com/about-hoyes-michalos/bankruptcy-trustees/joel-sandwith/