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Enter the world of simple genuine heartfelt conversations, making connections with people through stories, learnings and explorations. Your favourite podcast sprinkled with food for thoughts, passion and occasional facetious humour. Brought to you by two childhood buddies, rediscovering everyday life as it happens. Innocence Theory is where we speak to people to learn about the changing world and seek for useful perspectives to align to the challenges it presents.

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The Moon and Chandrayaan - Part 2/2
Aug 22 2023
The Moon and Chandrayaan - Part 2/2
This episode is part 2 of a two part series.We speak about Chandrayaan 3 mission. What happens after the landing and once the dust settles down? Why some of these experiments are on board and what is it that we are trying seek from the edge of scientific frontier?  We just ask Jatan Mehta.He is the author of two fascinating Newsletters - Indian Space progress — and The Moon Monday.If you started of with this episode you will do just alright but the part 1 on the moon is interesting by itself.Reach out to us at listen@innocencetheory.comJatan’s Bloghttps://blog.jatan.spaceChandrayaan 3 experiments we explore the moon? are lunar mountains different from earth mountains? story of water being found on moon in the moon’s gravitational field to explore the PSRs South Pole atlas spinoffhttps://spinoff.nasa.govAbout Episode cover: Near surface temperature modelled for moon's South Pole.
The Moon and Chandrayaan -  Part 1/2
Aug 21 2023
The Moon and Chandrayaan - Part 1/2
In this episode we gaze at the moon, rediscover our romantic cosmic neighbour, — is it as pleasant as it seems or is it a hostile place with a violent past. What’s the story of  moon mountains, gravitational lumps and permanent shadow region(PSR)?  What’s the story of water in moon, where is it present and how did we come to know. More importantly why is the moon a great candidate to decipher our cosmic origin.Listen to the two part series - to learn a little deeper about the moon and the context of Chandrayaan 3 mission to truly appreciate the endeavour. What does all of these missions mean to us, as a citizen of the planet. Where and how are we going to go in the next few decades from a space travel standpoint.We lay it all out - in this simple yet inspiring conversation with Jatan Mehta.Reach out to us at listen@innocencetheory.comJatan’s Blog - https://blog.jatan.spaceWhy we explore the moon - are lunar mountains different from earth mountains- story of water being found on moon- in the moon’s gravitational field- to explore the PSRs- South Pole atlas- spinoff-https://spinoff.nasa.govAbout episode cover: (Moon rendered in green)Topography of Earth's moon generated from data collected by the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter, aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, with the gravity anomalies bordering the Procellarum region superimposed in blue. The border structures are shown using gravity gradients calculated with data from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission. These gravity anomalies are interpreted as ancient lava-flooded rift zones buried beneath the volcanic plains (or maria) on the nearside of the Moon.Gravity Gradients Frame Oceanus ProcellarumPhotojournal: PIA18822Image Credit: NASA/Colorado School of Mines/MIT/GSFC/Scientific Visualization StudioPublished: July 9, 2018
In Retrospect - A season recap
Aug 3 2023
In Retrospect - A season recap
Hosts of Innocence Theory, Arjun and Dinesh reflect on their one year of podcast journey. Their learnings from the conversation with their guests and their future plans for the podcast in this episode of season 1 recapWay of rope(rope art)'s levitation trick 1: How furious should I be for a cancelled flight? 2:  How realistic is to work from an exotic location? 3:  When to patent, copyright or trademark 4: Surviving of water for a week 5: A window into the world of a magician - Part 1 6: A window into the world of a magician - Part 2 7: A kinder side to questioning 8: Exploring the transformative power of a 7-day water fast 9: A conversation with our older selves