Dragons Ke Guru

Nanhi Duniya

17-09-2021 • 9 mins

There was a colony of dragons. These dragons had a democratic way of choosing their king. Their king, ministers, and army heads were usually chosen by their seniormost teacher. This teacher was very selective of the students he chose to train. Now was the time for the Guru, The teacher to choose the next seniormost teacher. Let’s hear in the story how he chooses his successor.

एक जंगल के पास, एक ड्रैगन्स की कॉलोनी थी। ये ड्रैगन्  अपने राजा का चुनाव प्रजातंत्र द्वारा किया करते थे। इनके राजा, मंत्री और सेनापति सभी अक्सर वही  होते थे, जो इनके राजगुरू से शिक्षा प्राप्त कर चुके होते थे।ये राजगुरू अपने विद्यार्थी बहुत कम चुना करते थे।अब क्योंकि राजगुरू बूढ़े हो चले थे उन्हें अपने स्थान पर किसी दूसरे राजगुरु का चुनाव करना था। आइए कहानी में सुनते हैं उन्होंने दूसरा राजगुरु कैसे चुना।

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