Collaborative Divorce Process with Tammy Berman

Conscious Mental Health

10-03-2022 • 45 mins

As part of our Re-Writing Relationships series, I had a conversation with Tammy Berman, who specializes in helping people through the divorce process using the collaborative divorce process. She is the current president of the collaborative family law professionals of Florida and is active locally and statewide in educating the public about the collaborative law process.

Tammy Berman, LMHC is a mental health professional and the founder of My Counseling Connections.  She specializes in helping people through the divorce process, working with teens and in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  She is extensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and has a shared vision with the founder to support and advocate for DBT Skills to be a part of school curriculum across the world.  She is certified in Motivational Interviewing, she is a Supreme court certified family mediator, a qualified parenting coordinator, a national board certified counselor and an accredited collaborative professional.  She is the current President of the Collaborative Family Law Professionals of Florida and is very active locally and statewide in educating the public about the Collaborative Law Process.

  • We discussed divorce and conflict in relationships and the typical paradigm of divorce in the United States for many people.
  • We talk about what the collaborative process is; which goes beyond meditation and the idea of having a winner and loser in the process.
  • You will learn all about the divorce process approach used in mitigation and mediation as well as how collaborating with a multi-diciplinary team and the people involved in the divorce process.

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