Ramayan - Kanda 1 (Sanskrit)

Hindu Epics

Ramayan is a real life events of Lord Rama , who was born in the Thretha yug to King Dhasharatha in Auyodhya (India) and is revered as Lord Vishnu himself born to Kill the evil Ashura King Ravana of Lanka, All this happened several thousands of years ago in the Indian Sub continent. The events and places were elaborately detailed by the great Sage Valmiki to Lord Rama's sons Luv & Kush and are being documented in his epic volumes in 6 different Kanda;s. Each kanda has some hundreds of slokas describing Lord Ram's life from Childhood to becoming an adult and fighting to destroy the evil through different means. Reading or hearing Ramayan even once in our life time will bring Moksha to our souls. In order to help myself and the world around I have embarked on this venture to hear this great slokas out with the help of a great Saint Shri Sriram Ghanapathi. Please hear to your hearts content and rejoice and stay blessed.
There will be new episodes as we progress in our own pace.
To follow the slokas alongside, I refer to this wonderful site ...http://www.valmikiramayan.net/

PS: The episodes are meant to play in the chronological order of its upload date, should there be any jumps please apologise. read less