Episode 1 – New Year’s Resolution Part 1 – Removing Old Habits

Initial Factor

Jan 1 2023 • 28 mins

Happy New Year Initiators!

Today marks another beginning for many of us including the Initial Factor!
As we mark another year full of new beginnings, many people are also working on or thinking about having a New Year's Resolution. This is the best time for the Initial Factor and you as an initiator to take some time to learn and plan on how to effectively have a lasting New Year's Resolution.

In this episode, we will learn about removing old habits and making space for new ones. These spaces include:

  • Thinking Space – Gives you room to think of new things to work on.
  • Testing Space – This allows you a better space to form and solidify new habits.
  • Trial Space – The more space you create for this, the more room for error you can have to adjust new habits.

Tune in for this 4-Part Series about New Year's Resolutions to not only learn about the how-to but also get inspired to get moving and work on setting up your year and your life towards a better trajectory!

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