Episode 2 – New Year’s Resolution Part 2 – Replacing Old with New Habits

Initial Factor

Jan 8 2023 • 25 mins

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Week 1 of 52 is over! I wish all of you initiators had a great first of the week as I have!
If not, we still have 51 more weeks for the year! It is never too late to start.

In this episode, we continue to talk about New Year's Resolution. We learned about removing old habits from the previous episode, and now we are going to talk about what to replace those old habits with. Understanding that there is a cost for some rewards and that the key is to take advantage of the space we made to install new helpful habits that align with your goal.

This is part 2 of 4 in this New Year's Resolution series. If you haven't heard the 1st part, listen an episode back and tune in this next 2 weeks to start strong this new year or this new chapter of your life! Be sure to join our accountability group on Facebook as well.

To join the Initiator's accountability group, click the link below and join the Facebook group. Introduce yourself with your name, how you found out about the podcast (possibly tag your friend), and something you think is creative.
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