Episode 5 - Stories from SuperStarts - Josue Ibarra

Initial Factor

Jan 29 2023 • 33 mins

It is the last Sunday of the month! Every last Sunday of the month, we will be bringing experienced leaders and initiators out in their respective fields to learn from the success stories that they have accomplished thus far. As we learn from these great people, we will be exploring more about their start rather than their success. Let us hear and discover that great accomplishments come from humble beginnings.

In this episode of stories from SuperStarts, we have the honor to learn from my mentor, Josue Ibarra, a powerful Superstart. He is currently the 3rd-Year Ministry School Coordinator at Charis Bible College (CBC). Josue is also an alumni of CBC who graduated in multiple 3rd-year tracks. Josue is also the host of the Josue Ibarra Podcast, dedicated to growth and where he pours out his wealth of knowledge about the topic.

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