Curiosity, Coaching & Using Your Super Powers In Your Marriage with Lindsay Dotzlaf

The Marriage Life Coach Podcast

05-04-2021 • 46 mins

On this episode of The Marriage Life Coach Podcast, the brilliant, Lindsay Dotzlaf, shares her experience being coached and how it helped facilitate growth in her sixteen year marriage.

Lindsay is a masterful Coach that helps Coaches improve their skills so they can be the best Coach for their clients. She's the creator of Mastering Coaching Skills Podcast, and the Coaching Masters Mastermind where she focuses on changing the world one Coach at a time.

She’s also a mom to two sassy girls, one crazy dog, a disgruntled hedgehog, and wife to one handsome husband.

Tune in and learn why Lindsay chose to work with me even though there was nothing “wrong” with her marriage, the top three concepts she learned, and how focusing on her “super power” impacted how she showed up in her marriage.

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